Dissident Voice (DV) welcomes your article submissions. Send them to:


Word length isn’t a real issue, but please don’t send us an encyclopedia-size work. Multi-part articles are acceptable. DV reserves the right to edit for length and clarity


DV is interested in publishing articles on domestic and international politics, culture and the arts, satire, book reviews, CD reviews, and works of fiction that have political themes. Did we say satire? We especially like to laugh!


DV posts new articles three to five days a week. We often receive more articles than we can accommodate, and cannot therefore publish everything. If a submission is rejected for posting, please do not get discouraged about sending future work. There are a number of reasons why we may forgo posting a submission, quality of work isn’t necessarily the only one. Time constraints do not allow us to respond to you with reasons why a particular piece may have been rejected.  Previous success in getting a submission posted does not guarantee publication of future work.


Article(s) should be pasted in the body of an e-mail using simple text format, or attached as an HTML file. Please put “Article Submission” in the subject field of any e-mail submission. For security reasons, DV does not accept any other attachment formats unless the author first communicates directly with the editors.


All articles must include a brief bio line. Let us know if you do or don’t want your e-mail address to be posted in the bio (unless we hear otherwise, we assume including it so readers may respond directly to you)


Please include a title/headline for your submission. The editors suck in coming up with them, and we wouldn’t want you to be disappointed in our choice.


Please let us know if there are any accompanying pictures or graphics, and specify any special text formatting needs. If there are citations or references to other work available on the web, please send along the URLs so we can create text links. Footnotes are cool. They should appear as follows: [1], [2], etc, with the full reference(s) at the end of the article (we’ll create linkable footnotes).


Please do proofread your work before sending it in: check your grammar, spelling, look for typos, etc. The more editing we have to do, the longer it takes for us to post your work … if we decide to at all. We don’t mind fixing problems after a piece has been posted, but it can be a pain.


DV will try to fact check articles as time permits, but that time is very limited, so please fact check your work and get ‘em straight. It’s your credibility after all.


It is understood that articles published in Dissident Voice do not necessarily reflect the views of its editors or all contributing writers. Conversely, statements and positions by the editor do not necessarily reflect the views of DV contributing writers.


Writers retain full copyright control of their work.


Thank you very much for considering Dissident Voice as a venue for your work. It is very much appreciated.




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