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Things That Bosses Say
Just Another Day in the Life of a US Worker

by Rosemarie Jackowski
September 5, 2005

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1. Look, it doesn't matter if the fumes are making you sick. OSHA says everything is OK.

2. I already told you that you can't have the morning off. Your Father's funeral can wait till the weekend.

3. Union, did I just hear somebody say, "Union"? Fire that damn Commie !

4. You want a raise........hahhhhahhhahahahhhah.

5. Look, if you want a health care benefit, move to Costa Rica or Cuba. Third-world countries give health care. This is now a fourth-world country. Get used of it. Love it, or leave it.

6. What's the big deal. It's just asbestos.

7. Next time that you want to go to the bathroom, ask for permission first. That's the rule.

8. You say that the school called and told you that your child was just injured on the playground and needs to go to the hospital. Who gave you permission to use the phone? Get back to work.

9. A little bit of ionizing radiation never hurt anybody.

10. Hell no, you can't leave. Wait till your shift is over. I don't care if your labor pains are just 3 minutes apart.

And so, life goes on, and on, and on under the Capitalistic regime.

Rosemarie Jackowski is an advocacy journalist living in Vermont. She was arrested, tried, and convicted for having participated in a peaceful protest of the war. Her conviction is under appeal in the Vermont State Supreme Court. She can be reached at:

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