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Corporals Don't Order Nuclear Radiation Weapons, Presidents Do
by Bob Nichols
September 4, 2004

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President George W. Bush's on demand concert performance dubbed "Shock and Awe" hit the Iraqis hard. It was March 20, 2003 and the full court press was totally ON! It was us or them. No Choice!

Surprise! The whole world now knows the nation of Iraq was defenseless before the "only remaining" Mighty Super Power War Machine. It was a turkey shoot. Like shooting fish in a barrel.

The far superior American weapons guaranteed killing, maiming, cooking, and dismembering Iraqi soldiers and civilians; that much was child's play. The really good part, as far as a beaming President Bush and his Neo-Cons were concerned, was the unseen slaughter of the Iraqi soldiers' and civilian's children and grand children into eternity with great birth defects and fearsome cancers!

War Crimes are a good thing to the Neo-Cons. Iraq is a Nuclear Radiation War fought against a long vanquished enemy with Fourth Generation Nuclear Weapons for fun and profit. This is as real as it gets.

Bush & Company had set about the grim Ted Bundy Task of diminishing the Iraqi race; not just the Iraqi military. Such is the goal of America's natural born genocidal killers. This was the political decision decided by Bush and his genocide committed crew.

The reflexively and sincerely racist Neo-Con political buddies of President Bush, no doubt, remember the crucial meetings with a twisted, satisfied smile. For, you see, that's what the rulers of America do for work, they go to meetings, have coffee and a Danish, then plan mass murder.

The cold-blooded, modern Fascists working for President Bush selected radioactive and poisonous uranium gas as their own personal weapon of choice for the genocidal radiation wars to come. Their own Zyklon B poison gas, as it were. America would always triumph, by God! (

The American people do not altogether completely accept the idea that some people are meant to rule from childhood, that would be Bush and the Neo-Cons; and, others are meant to be the little people who fight and die in wars. Mr. Bush and and the Neo-Cons are confidently promoting and pushing this way of thinking on to the mostly passive American electorate. They are succeeding, thus far. Seems like ... it is just a matter of time. So, now they are getting really bold and just plain mean.

President Bush's choice for distributing the deadly uranium oxide poison gas is brilliant. He can can literally hide them in plain sight. Thousands of massive 1,500 horsepower, 70 ton, 12 foot wide tanks are the perfect town and country dispensers for the lethal uranium oxide poison gas.

The very heavy tanks have the sheer bulk necessary to fire very high velocity (5,000 Ft Plus per Second) uranium rods called "penetrator rounds." Such ultra high velocity shells even rock the Killer Tank Gas Dispensers. This way it is Abu Ghraib all over again for the whole country of Iraq. War is sex for the US President, Abu Ghraib Private Lynndie England, and others. Kinky.

The weak minded everywhere watching FOX and CNN are mightily impressed by the big boom and gigantic flash of the death camp tanks. It's Cool, like all the best video games. They, not surprisingly, don't bother to ask "Where did the uranium 'penetrator' go? What happened to it? It got a lot smaller after it was over, after only a second. It cannot really go away, or burn up; so, where is it?"

It is well known, by any 9th or 10th grader throughout the world that, at the right temperature, uranium catches on fire and burns with an immensely hot flame. After "penetration" by the 18 Inch Long, Hard Metal Rod, up to 80% of the uranium explodes and spews forth the burning gas and uranium oxide dust at upwards of 3,000 C, consuming all nearby and lurking in the poisoned air. Some experts say it burns as high as 10,000 C. As a matter of fact, straight forward American farm boy Troopers just call the human remains of Iraqi tank crews "crispy critters." You get the point.

The resulting uranium oxide poison smoke and gas created by the blast wafts about in the idle winds of old Baghdad. The uranium gas is an odorless, tasteless, invisible killer; and, remains suspended in the air for up to three years. The perfect timeless killing gas, ready to be inhaled or swallowed by innocent Iraqi children, their mothers and fathers. Any American Trooper in Iraq has a good chance for a dose. It remains radioactive forever and the resulting "killing trail" is ... timeless. Ahhh, Neo-Con ethnic cleansing perfected! Wonderful! The gas particles cannot be removed, there is no cure, there is no treatment.

Does anybody reading this think that an American Corporal in this Optional Radiation war in Iraq can, on their own, order up Uranium Shells for tanks or Uranium Bombs for use in Iraq? Kinda like "Genocide, optional" in the War Department weapons catalogue. Ordered and launched by a Corporal?

No ... No ... that dog won't hunt. Too many men and women around the globe have served in different countries' militaries and they know how how harshly uranium and radiation weapons are controlled. They know that only President George Bush is responsible for "ordering up" these uranium weapons for use in Iraq. Yes, Industrial Strength Genocide with 4th Generation Nuclear Weapons is a brutal top down operation. For that is what the Iraq War truly is: a Nuclear Radiation War. The whole world knows it, too. That is but one reason they hate us so.

If nothing else, millions of people, perhaps billions around the globe, have seen good, solid, award winning Hollywood movies portraying the battened down tight ultra control on all nuclear or radiation weapons. Seeing is believing!

Yes, only the President can authorize the use of such deadly and God like everlasting force. Yes, the genes of humans all over the globe hang in the balance. Yes, only the American President can make those awful life and death decisions that trail off into eternity. Yes, the American President fancies himself God to little brown people all over the world. Grovel and Die, bitch!

Do you wonder if the President makes fun of the "little brown people" begging for the lives of their grand children like he did of Texas Prison Inmate Tanya Faye Tucker? He joyfully had her executed in a Texas prison. Even the Pope of the Holy Catholic Church in Rome pleaded with President Bush to spare Tanya's life.

We all know now, that he probably said something like "Go for it! Nuke 'em, gentlemen! The Iraqis will be sorry they were ever born." So much for the son of a Connecticut multi-millionaire.

Thus, all of us (throughout the globe) witnessed the ruthless systematic destruction of the nation of Iraq by Four Million Pounds of radioactive uranium, so-called "depleted uranium"* by the expert spin masters in the American War Depart, err, excuse me, you aren't supposed to say that anymore, uhhh, ... the Defense Department, yea. The so-called birth place of civilization, Iraq, the area between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers from the Bible, destroyed and irradiated forever by the world's Only Remaining Super Power.

No contest. America wins, big time. Iraqis lose everything they had ever dreamed of having or wanted to have. The uranium is in their genes, forever. Too bad, so sad. America and George Bush win, Iraq loses. What country is next on the Hit Parade? Iran? Syria? North Korea? Yea! Team Bush! Let's move on! Now!

I don't know about you, the reader of this article; but, these exquisitely planned and executed wars by the US Military Forces are just plain wrong. There are no two ways about it. Using poison uranium gas is wrong. It is a War Crime a million times over.

These arrogant, conniving gangsters are even guilty of irradiating our own American kids and friends. That will probably will be the undoing of Bush and will not stand. But, unfortunately, I have been wrong about the criminal Bushistas before. The war crimes complicit Big Media in America just might let Bush and crew off the hook. The Professional Hairdo Anchors all know what is really going on and they could burn the Bushistas in an instant. But, the money is good, so they faithfully burn us instead!

Premier Joseph Stalin was no slouch when it came to murdering his own countrymen and women. He is reputed to have said "The death of one man is a tragedy. The death of millions is a statistic."

I call on all adult Americans to seek a Citizens' Arrest of Bush and his crew for War Crimes. There are about 210 Million of us and just a few of the Bushistas. Even the Republicans become enraged when they hear this story - at Bush! Arrest them all and put them in a lousy state prison in Mississippi somewhere for using Fourth Generation Nuclear Weapons in Iraq.

Second, lock them up forever for thinking they could call the Devil's own Uranium concoction "Depleted;" and, thinking they could get away with acting like it was not a deadly radioactive poison.

Third, just think how much all this radiation poisoning clean up is going to cost! Medical treatment for millions till they die and cleaning up everything we broke and poisoned is not going to be cheap.

Come to think of it, these Neo-Con multi-millionaires running the U.S. Government just about have gotten away with it. Arrest them all and throw away the key, after they have a quick regular trial, all legal like, of course. You bet'cha, after all, this is America! A Fair trial for all of them. May God have mercy on them all. I know I will not.

* Depleted Uranium is the result of a step in the process of creating enriched uranium for nuclear power plant reactor cores and thermonuclear bombs, commonly called Hydrogen Bombs and Neutron Bombs. The uranium impurity used in bombs and reactor cores is about .711 of one percent of natural uranium, a tiny amount. Like iodine in salt, except it kills everything. Processing natural uranium removes about half of the bomb making material. It is then called Depleted Uranium by the powers that be, because it can no longer be used to make H-Bombs; but, it is used to make uranium bullets, shells, and bombs instead. The Depleted Uranium is fully 88% as radioactive in total radiation as the original uranium. There are an estimated 1.5 Billion Pounds of Depleted Uranium at U.S. Nuclear Weapons Labs and related facilities (Bomb Factories) in the US. The word depleted does not mean the uranium is safe or OK to use, it means it has been processed, that's all. Perhaps a less deceptive name would be "12% depleted uranium." The familiar 60% depleted uranium figure refers to what is called "Alpha" radiation only.

Bob Nichols writes in Oklahoma City and is occasionally a contributing writer for,,,,, and other online dot com publications. Mr. Nichols is a contributor to The Oklahoma Observer newspaper. He is a  member of CASE -- Citizens' Action for Safe Energy. CASE has successfully killed two serious, well funded attempts to build Nuclear Power Plants in Oklahoma and several attempts to site what is now known as the "Yucca Mountain Used Reactor Core Dump" in Oklahoma. All these efforts to build nuclear facilities have failed. CASE won every time. Copyright (C) 2004, Bob Nichols. All rights reserved. Permission for reposting is allowed provided the complete text and attribution are kept intact.

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