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(DV) Whitney: Another Casualty in Rumsfeld's Information War







Another Casualty in Rumsfeld’s Information War
by Mike Whitney
July 18, 2005

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Another chapter was added to Donald Rumsfeld’s booklet of “Information warfare” on Saturday when blogger Khalid Jarrar was picked up by Iraqi Secret Service (Mukhabarat) agents and taken to an undisclosed location. Jarrar has not been formally charged with a crime, but he is author of a popular blog, Tell Me a Secret, that provides valuable information to people outside of Iraq who are curious to know the real details of the ongoing crisis.

In Iraq today the truth itself is in the crosshairs. Any bit of information that is not processed through the “embedded” media filter is considered a threat to the continuing occupation. The most recent example of this was the premeditated execution of Knight-Ridder reporter Yasser Salihee, who was assassinated in a perfectly timed gangland-style hit a few miles from his Baghdad home. He was struck by a single bullet to the head by an American sniper. (He leaves a 6-month-old baby daughter behind) Salihee’s murder resulted from his extensive coverage of the torture and murder of “suspected insurgents” by US-backed death-squads (see “The Rumsfeld Solution: Liberating Iraq, One Journalist at a Time,” Dissident Voice).

The arrest of Jarrar expands Rumsfeld’s information war beyond the conventional parameters of the mainstream press to even minor players whose views are incompatible with the objectives of subjugation and “iron-fisted” American rule. His detention is a clear message to independent journalists whose perspective has not yet been corrupted by the coercive influence of the Pentagon. (Are you listening Dahr Jamail?) It is a signal to one and all that the war on terror has become an open conflagration against both free speech and the truth itself.

The curtains are being pulled over Iraq one blogger at a time, so that the atrocities of the occupier can be perpetrated with complete impunity. When Jarrar was hastily trundled off to prison, we lost a vital set of eyes to chronicle the horrors of Bush’s “preemptive” war and the ensuing suffering of the Iraqi people. Who will fill his shoes?

Mike Whitney lives in Washington state, and can be reached at:

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