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Kerry Swoops In To Help... Or Something
by Max Ward
December 30, 2004

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By now you've seen the headline: Kerry Files Motion to Protect Ohio Vote Evidence. Excuse me while I ... I would have said "puke", but there's nothing left to come up. Everyone who is not inside the Kerry/ABB tent who has been following the Kerry campaign and the Ohio recount effort, has already been dry heaving for months. When are all those good, honest-to-a-fault people going to climb out of the trenches of democracy and admit they've been hosed?

John and John ,the spineless wonder boys, have come out of hiding. Sitting on $56 million in campaign surplus and the tacit approval of house Republicans for being such credible losers, the Kerry/Edwards campaign has filed a motion to protect Ohio vote evidence. Great timing. There's only a few days until the inauguration. The recount is over. There has been plenty of time to work all the cover-ups, plenty of time to pay all the pay-offs. Now John John wants to freeze the fabricated evidence for posterity.

So guess what happens? Lucy pulls back the football; Charlie Brown hurts himself kicking at a phantom, AGAIN!

I'm getting blasted from all directions by progressives, as if there's a new spark of hope. Kerry's with us now. Remain optimistic! There are still petitions to sign. We can still do it!

Now I am not extremely sensitive; I am seldom stricken with empathy. Nonetheless, I have to beg all progressives to stop it. Please stop it. I cannot bear any more of your pain. You've all been hosed! AGAIN! And you financed it with your generous donations to the recount cause (the Cobb campaign collected three times as much for recount costs as they collected for their entire election campaign).

Don't you get it? John John has made a hollow gesture-- something that will suffice to excuse either from standing up as the single Senator needed to contest a presidential election. And if these brave Senators won't stand, why should anyone? There will be silence in the Senate chambers again as another obvious fraud slips by.

Progressives everywhere, listen! Please stop it! For my sake, stop hurting yourselves. Read Ralph Nader's lips. It's over. The two party system is over. No check. No balance. No football to kick.

Max Ward is an unemployed hippie from Seattle who has been in the peace movement since that memorable day in January 1967 in San Francisco when Timothy Leary first said publicly, "Tune in, Turn on, and Drop out."