No Apologies for Wolfowitz the Microbe

by Kurt Nimmo

Dissident Voice
November 1, 2003


Walid Jumblatt, leader of the Progressive Socialist Party in Lebanon, nailed it.


"We hope the firing will be more precise and efficient (next time), so we get rid of this microbe and people like him in Washington who are spreading disorder in Arab lands, Iraq and Palestine," he remarked on US Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz's close call in Baghdad the other day. Jumblatt also pegged Wolfowitz as a "friend of Ariel Sharon" and "one of the main architects of... the destruction of Iraq."


Naturally, the Bushites are outraged. How dare this Arab -- a reprehensible socialist, nonetheless -- speak the truth?


The US embassy in Beirut wasted no time excoriating Walid Jumblatt. "Such statements not only praise acts of terrorism, but serve to incite future attacks on US government officials. We expect the government of Lebanon likewise to publicly condemn these remarks," it said in a statement.


Calling Wolfowitz a microbe is certainly colorful, but it falls short of the mark. More accurately, Paul Wolfowitz is a war criminal.


Condemnation is surely in order -- not only for Wolfie and the noxious neocons but for the whole of Pax Americana. The United States has a sordid history of interfering in Lebanese affairs. It is, of course, but the tip of the hegemonic iceberg.


For one, the US should apologize for firing 338 five-inch rounds into the Shouf Mountain village of Suq al-Gharb in Lebanon in September, 1983, which negated the term "neutral, peacekeeping presence, and multinational force" used by Reagan and Marines deployed from Camp Lejeune. It should apologize for propping up Bashir Gemayel, the brutal rightwing leader recruited by the CIA.


Next, the US should apologize for supporting Israel's invasion of Lebanon. Alexander Haig needs to apologize for the nod and wink he gave Ariel Sharon, then defense minister for Menachem Begin (former leader of the terrorist gang Irgun). Sharon was the boss who made certain 20,000 Lebanese civilians were murdered as he rode in an armored personnel carrier from the northern border of Israel to the Beirut neighborhood of Baabda in 1982. The United States should apologize for blocking UN resolutions calling for an Israeli withdrawal.


The United States should apologize for allowing the CIA to install the tyrant Camille Chamoun in Lebanon in 1952, the year before Kermit Roosevelt orchestrated the coup against the democratically elected Mossadegh in Iran.


But let's not stop with Lebanon.


Now that the US is in Iraq, it should take advantage of the undivided attention of the Iraqi people and humbly apologize for installing the Ba'ath Party in 1963, attempting to kill Iraqi leader Abdul Karim Qassim, and handing out lists of "communists" to be murdered. It should admit that its efforts led directly to the dictatorship of Saddam Hussein.


In fact, while the iron's hot, the United States should apologize for spending $3 billion to arm and train in the Mujahideen in Afghanistan beginning in 1979 and setting up the same "terrorist training camps" it bombed in 2001. Most of all, the United States should apologize for creating the Frankenstein and CIA asset known as Osama bin Laden.


In all of the above cases -- and many more from Central America to Asia -- not only should the United States apologize, it should pay restitution.


In the Middle East, it should immediately stop doling out billions of dollars to Israel and demand that the Zionist state stop murdering the Palestinians. It should force Israel not only to live up to numerous UN resolutions, but the Geneva Conventions as well. It should stop the rabid Christian Zionists in America from encouraging and bankrolling murderous Israeli settlers. Tom DeLay should be exiled to Texas and made to go back to exterminating cockroaches.


Walid Jumblatt and the Lebanese government should not apologize. Paul Wolfowitz and the Zionist neocons, however, are not microbes, as Jumblatt suggested with rightful indignation.


More accurately, they are Necrotizing Fascistis on a global scale.


In other words, flesh eating bacteria.


Kurt Nimmo is a photographer, multimedia artist and writer living in New Mexico. To see his photo work and read more of his essays, visit his excellent “Another Day in the Empire” weblog: http://www.drmenlo.com/nimmo/


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