Sharon and Bush Attack Syria

It's Their Mistake

by Sam Hamod

Dissident Voice

October 14, 2003


Let’s face it, every expert on the Middle East knows that Israel has been trying to draw Syria into a war for years. The Israelis have attacked Syrian bases in the Bek’ka valley in Lebanon, now they have attacked an old base only 12 miles outside of Syria’s capital, Damascus. In both cases the Syrians have not bitten on the Israeli attacks, instead they have sanely taken the matter to the UN Security Council where this new attack will surely be condemned for there was, and there is, no correlation between Hamas and the attack in Haifa and the closed base in Syria.


Why does Israel want a war with Syria? For the sake of taking over more land, in both Syria and possibly Lebanon, more arable farmland, water and minerals. Israel knows that the Shi’a of Lebanon and even the Lebanese government will not stand by if Israel attacks Syria in a full-scale war. Israel wants more land, water and electricity in Lebanon, as well as the rich hashish crop that they wish to restart should they conquer southern Lebanon.


Lebanon has wiped out the hashish business, but Israel would like to restart it, just as they did when they occupied the lower 20% of Lebanon with their puppet South Lebanese Army before they were pushed out by Hezbollah (a beating the Israelis still are upset about—for it showed they were not invulnerable super soldiers, but men who could be killed, their tanks destroyed, their helicopters brought down and their assets destroyed). Also, Israel would like to show their strength to the U.S. and would ask for more aid, because they have been feeding US intelligence and GW Bush anti-Syrian propaganda for two years and would like to cash in on it before the coming election (just in case GW Bush loses to a Democrat like Wesley Clark or John Kerry -- neither of whom would allow Sharon the leeway and insults he’s gotten away with during the reign of GW Bush).


So, for Israel the frustration at not being able to stop Hamas or other suicide groups in Palestine or Israel has become such that they want now not only to benefit from this by taking the war outside of Palestine/Israel for more gain, but to also shift the focus away from the FACT that they cannot stop the Palestinians regardless of how many homes, schools, hospitals and human beings are destroyed by the Israeli military. It is no longer the Israeli Defense Force, it is the Israeli Aggressor Force; thus, it should now be called the IAF, not the IDF because of their invasion and brutality on Palestinian lands.


Israel hopes to widen this war, but Syria so far has received major support at the UN from Germany, France, England and a variety of other countries. It remains to be seen what America will do. If America plays true to form, it will back Israel; but if Bush is smart, he will start distancing himself from Sharon because surely Sharon will lead him into more trouble than good.


Addendum October 12, 2003


** Since I wrote this article, the day after hearing of the Israeli attack on Syria, Bush has not only sided with Sharon, he has given him the green light to attack and possibly invade Syria and to also attack Lebanon. This will no doubt enrage the Arab and Muslim worlds, so that even the Iraq situation will now become even more inflamed.


Mr. Bush and Mr. Sharon both have made the fatal mistake of their lifetimes -- they may defeat countries and may defeat armies, but they cannot defeat an idea nor can they defeat the religion of Islam. Islam is not tied to a country or a people, it is a universal belief and cause that will find many who will rally to its defense and to the defense of other Muslims. Thus, ultimately, both Bush and Sharon will lose this war that they have now started -- and we, the American people, the people of Israel, those of Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Iran and other places will suffer because of the stupidity and immorality of these two madmen, Bush and Sharon.


Sam Hamod was the editor of 3rd World News (D.C.); professor at Princeton, Michigan & Iowa; Director of The Islamic Center of D.C.; he may be reached at shamod@cox.net


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