Make a Bold Move to Impeach Someone

by Bob Gaiek

Dissident Voice
February 20, 2003


We need an independent investigation to determine who should be impeached. Based on experience gained in my former life in the corporate world, we need to nail someone and hold them responsible for what has been going on in the U.S. and the world--none of which is good. Pragmatism dictates that it is always best to start at or near the bottom. The top guys are too good at playing political duck and cover. Start with a city councilman and tell him to shape up or get ready to leave town. This will embolden and empower you for more adventures.


Things really started to go downhill after 9/11/01, but the pace is really picking up. Yesterday, for example, tens of thousands of Iraqi citizens marched through Baghdad--apparently with the permission of an evil dictator--while police riding large horses assaulted citizens of New York City. Permits to march were officially denied along with a humane request for portable toilets. Hundreds were handcuffed and arrested. Thousands were denied access to the assembly area. The mayor of the city fled in panic to the safety of Jeb Bush's partially democratic state. The president fled to Camp David, while the elected representatives of the citizens in congress fled to the safety of their gated communities, maintaining their vow of silence while watching Fox News try to convince the world that "commies" were behind the peace marches. The Fox "dynamic opinion poll" revealed 79% of Americans want war. Fox barely mentioned the peace marches, but with lights flashing and bells ringing, announced Breaking News when a lone participant was arrested. And we are in charge of exporting Democracy to the world?


Before retreating, the Mayor held a press conference with George Pataki in tow--a position he seems to have grown accustomed to since the Days of Rudy. A reporter asked a question begging to be answered: "because NY has been on Orange Alert since 9/11, does this mean we are now on Red Alert"? No. The other question is why was Pataki there? Was the State in a different state of chaos than the rest of the country? No. Is anyone really in charge of anything? I don't know. Are you elected representatives of the people being manipulated by some unseen Puppeteer? Are you people in government the cowards you appear to be? Are you using 9/11 just to insure you get the votes you need to go on terrorizing us as long as we both shall live? Yes to the last three.


According to political insider, Bob Novak, all of Congress left D.C. because "they were terrified and wanted to leave town...nobody's more terrified than the members of congress and their spouses." On the same CNN show, regarding announcement of the Orange Alert, Mark Shields revealed that "they had focus groups of voters come in, and they try and find out what expression was best, what--how best to phrase it...That wasn’t the most reassuring message." No kidding. (


It was almost a year ago that Joshua Green revealed in the Atlantic Monthly online, the cynical manner in which "they"--the current administration--use polls and focus groups. We all know that Karl Rove is the most avid reader in the White House—apparently also the Chief Puppeteer and Kingmaker. Read the article and you know it is true: this administration develops it’s screw-everybody-in-the-world-but-the-rich agenda and then fashions "crafted talk" to spin their web of deceit. As Green says, "this administration doesn’t govern by polls, just ask their pollsters."



That explains why the public feels George Bush is there to tuck them in at night, taking all the burdens of the world upon his own shoulders. People trust him. Meanwhile the mayors of three major cities chisel some airtime on CNN to plead for some money to carry out unfunded federal mandates for homeland security. While Saddam cheats and retreats, Bush mandates and deletes. Who is a more dangerous liar? The world says, "drop Bush, not bombs." Hey, I’m all for that, but whom—apart from Robert C. Byrd—has the courage to charge that Bush is shredding the Constitution before our frightened eyes. The Chinese have proclaimed it the year of the sheep. They seem to know more about what is going on this country than we do.


Tariq Assiz held a press conference in Rome and refused to answer a question from an Israeli reporter. That would be par for the course for a foreign minister from an evil empire. However, in the good old USA, Mohammed Allawi—an Iraqi journalist—was given until sundown to leave Dodge City "because I am harmful for U.S. interests." In other words, he has information that could be published in the NY Times, but he is an "Iraqi agent" running loose in NY City. Fox expressed outrage after being kicked out of Baghdad, but vowed to keep on tossing fair and balanced propaganda our way. Tell me again which country we are exporting Democracy to? Do we have enough to spare? Should I just trust Mr. Bush, the great Uniter, the great "longing for peace" crusader with a capital "S" on his chest?


A War Without Representation


I can’t settle for that. I’m upset with the Axis of Weasels supposedly representing me in congress, wherever they are. Why does it take a month to get a response to an inquiry? Is it convenient to hide behind the anthrax fiasco to keep the angry mail in suspended animation? Why does my Representative, John Linder, feel compelled to warn me that he doesn’t agree with Paul Krugman’s columns—although he defends free speech? Does he think I am just another nitwit robot who worships Bush like he does? Max Cleland used to respond to me--but Bush was determined to destroy him because he was not patriotic in the right way. I am not a team player either.


You have to face up to reality, Mr. Bush. The world knows what you are up to and we do not approve. Your credibility is plunging rapidly toward zero; it is where your precious popularity polls may soon end up. We intend to take our country back because we love it in a more honest and genuine way than you could ever imagine. We want to get serious about ridding the world of terrorists, starting with some of the chicken hawk weasels in your miserably failing administration—the worst in all of civilized history. Nationalism is not patriotism, as you would have us believe. I do not wish to nuke France.


Fighting terrorism must be a focused, low profile effort bereft of braggadocio, engaging all the nations of the world in a common goal of self-interest. You made a good start but the effort is failing, just like many of your past business ventures. This time, because you seem more intent on making enemies rather than allies, you run the danger of discovering—for the first time in your life—that there may be no one left to bail you (us) out. Even Tony Blair might be working for the Carlyle Group before he planned. This obsession with Iraq is making us a very vulnerable nation to every lone ranger maniac in the world, not just bin Laden.


Let’s face it, February 15, 2003 marked the largest call for peace in the history of the world. Six or more million people say you and Tony Blair are wrong. Millions of people gathered with a common goal to urge elected leaders "to find a better solution than war; it is the reason why we elected you." Globalization has met the law of unintended consequences—the march for peace has now become globalized and you can’t ignore this 21st Century phenomenon. My only regret is that I was not with my friend Jack, marching in NYC. We served together in combat in Vietnam a long time ago. Read his first hand account as a participant in the march. He is a guy who helped to build the World Trade Center. This administration has sought only to gain political profit from its destruction. (


For me, this is really about the next war on the schedule. The biggest deception about selling this Iraq war is that I believe it has already started. It is just a matter of working the focus groups to find the right phrases to break the news in the soon to come address to the nation. That is when we all will have to start working with our local governments to make a bold move to impeach someone, starting with terrified weasels and other low level bureaucrats. It's the American way and I still love it.


Bob Gaiek lives in Lawrenceville, Georgia and can be contacted at:



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