Dear Citizens of Empire . . .
by Rachel Mendoza
April 8, 2004

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The time has come to support our brothers and sisters fighting for truth in Iraq. The media cannot tell us the truth. For the story tellers cannot experience the life of the oppressed. Right now in Iraq the strongest military the world has ever seen is being held back by a rebellion for truth. As brave young men and women fight for freedom and life, you, the citizens of Empire question their reality.

You watch the nightly news and find justifications for the pain America is causing. You blame the media for distorting the truth. The liberal media as you call them. Is it the pilot who flicks his thumb to destroy a neighborhood who is brave? Or is it the young people who resist the dominance of high tech military warfare with their passion for life?

What is blind to you is the passion of the dynamic human spirit. The spirit of all living creatures to experience the Love of existence. Empire's democracy at gunpoint in Iraq is not enacted out of Love. Innocent Iraqis did not die so their friends can experience the freedom in a happy meal. For it is, truth, handed down from the perils of Nature that obliges Iraq, with all life, to show Empire it's ways of folly.

As I write this I feel a sense of calm. A sense that the world can change at any moment. But that change does not start with policy. Nor does it start with a gun. For the alteration starts with you, the citizens of Empire to step outside your irrational fears of the Other and reenter the existence of pure Love.

As citizens of Empire you fear life just as you fear death. Birth must be controlled. Death must be avoided. Life must be controlled. But as we are seeing in Iraq, the mystery that is existence will not listen to man's domination. No man or country is the cognitive champion of Nature. So while you exist in your air-conditioned nightmare that offers no joys of life, our brothers and sisters fight for one last breathe. And you laugh? They were at the wrong place, at the wrong time, you say. Your chuckles pierce my soul as you might as well have pulled the trigger.

So the question for you, citizen of Empire, why do you hate life? What happened to your endless curiosity of your younger years. For you used to skip down the street and meet every stranger with a smile. Today, you look upon your neighbor as a thief who only wants your money. And you fashion disdain on those who do not conform to your enslaved mental state.

The mystery of Nature will not allow American dominance to succeed in Iraq. For Iraq is not a young puppy that must be trained how to live. Nature sees not the "Arab mind" or the "American dream" but only a unified passion for creation. For the resistance in Iraq is not about becoming the oppressor, and taking the reigns of Empire, but about an awakening into the dream of living one more day of conscious perfection.

Take care dear citizens of Empire; I hope to visit you in the halls of Love. Do you dare visit?

Rachel Mendoza is a filmmaker/student from Tijuana, Mexico. She can be reached at: rmendoza209@hotmail.com.



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